Metalicos - corazón de metal

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Stecken Sie den Netzstecker in die Steckdose. Überschüssiges Kabel können Sie an der Unterseite des Geräts um die Halterung wickeln. Die rote Kontroll-Lampe "Gerät angeschlossen" und die grüne Kontroll-Lampe "Fertig zum Gebrauch" leuchten auf. Wenn die grüne Kontroll-Lampe "Fertig zum Gebrauch" erloschen ist, können Sie die Zutaten auf die untere Grillplatte geben (Abb.

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When we created the brand colors, we knew from the start that we didn’t want to use the typical broccoli-green hues so overused in health-centered restaurants. Instead, we developed a color scheme inspired by lemons and mint. This harmonious blend proved to be a winning combination and was used on every communication application, and on the interior decoration: the ceilings, walls and booths inside the restaurant feature the brand colors. On one of the walls, customers can find another example of our studio's lettering craft in a bright neon sign that reads “Shake it.”

Safety WARNING! Risk of injury! If used improperly, battery fluid may leak out of the battery. Touching damaged and leaked batteries could result in injury and chemical burns. − Do not touch leaky batteries. If you do come into contact with battery acid, wash the affected area thoroughly and rinse it with plenty of water.

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Metalicos - Corazón De MetalMetalicos - Corazón De MetalMetalicos - Corazón De MetalMetalicos - Corazón De Metal