Howdy moon - howdy moon

She enters a library atop an ivory tower and instructs Spike to find a book called Predictions and Prophecies . Twilight realizes that Nightmare Moon will return on the day of the Summer Sun Celebration , which is the day after tomorrow. She sends a letter to Princess Celestia to alert her. Celestia's reply to Twilight says that she trusts Twilight completely, but she has to stop reading "those dusty old books".

I brushed the blankets off my body and rose out of bed. I shook my mane and then made my bed. I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I stared at my blue eyes alone with my dark blue body. However… the dark blue was light as well… I then continued at my ruffled mane. The hair above my head halted a few inches over my forehead as my tail stopped a little below my knees.

Howdy Moon - Howdy MoonHowdy Moon - Howdy MoonHowdy Moon - Howdy MoonHowdy Moon - Howdy Moon